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COVID-19 prevention and control guidelines

La Cascina di Balsamico Bonini is ready to welcome you in complete safety. Please, wear a face mask. We’ll do the same. In case you’ll arrive here without a face mask, we’ll give you one.

What will you find in here?

– an hand sanitizer dispenser just out of the entrance door, but even inside;
– we respect social distancing, and we’ve organized entrances and exits so that customers do not physically come into contact with one another. But here we’ve just three bedrooms, it’s quite easy!
– we’ve a disinfecting floor mat at the entrance;
– we’ll send you self check in instructions, to allow you to enter autonomously and whenever you want;
– our breakfast is made to order. That’s why we’ll send you our menu: please tell us what do you like to eat and more or lass at what time (normally between 8 and 10 am);
– please send us ID or passport for each guest, via email or whatsapp, it will help the check in;
– if you’re going to stay here more than one night, please let us know if you don’t want the daily cleaning service: we don’t want to invade your space without asking!
– we disinfect everything before your arrival and after your leaving;
– in your room you’ll find tea and coffee closed in a disposable envelope;
– we removed bedside rugs: enjoy our courtesy slippers! In the bathroom you will have a soft bath mat just outside the shower;
– we disinfected air conditioning system and we areate often the farmhouse;
– we’ll always welcome you with a smile, evend behind the face mask!

See you soon,
La Cascina di Balsamico Bonini staff

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