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Born from the desire to create a lively place to live, a place where it’s possible to discover the history, the tradition, the art and the taste: “La Cascina di Balsamico Bonini” will make you experience something really unique.

The will to share and discover the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar culture has led us to create activities for groups of colleagues or special customers with the aim to improve the harmony and working relationships. The taste is certainly the main theme but with different points of view.

Discover the Food Valley wines!

Are you interested in tasting the most representative wines of the Food Valley?

In Emilia, semi-sparkling wines have always been made, very often with natural refermentation in the bottle. From here we start when someone ask us to taste a local wine. Let us know in advance and we will let you taste Emilia: cheeses, cured meats and wines that represent our terroir in the best way.

Our favourite wines?
– “Sui lieviti”, semi sparkling Pignoletto – Orsi Vigneto San Vito
– “Vigna del Grotto”, classic (still) Pignoletto – Orsi Vigneto San Vito
– “Ripa di Sopravento”, semi sparkling Trebbiano and other local grapes – Vittorio Graziano
– “Fontana dei Boschi”, Emilia IGT semi sparkling Lambrusco – Vittorio Graziano
– “Trentasei”, sparkling Lambrusco di Sorbara Spumante DOC Brut – Cantina della Volta
– “Naigarten”, Rosso IGT Negretto 100% – Gradizzolo

Visit the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar production and lunch

For daytime visiting groups, we are able to offer, in addition to the visit, different lunch solutions. A real Modenese aperitif, based on Lambrusco, Parmigiano Reggiano and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar or a light lunch based on cold cuts, focaccias and cheeses, but even a real lunch, buffet or placèe, created by our trusted caterings. During the summer we can welcome you in our outdoor porch, which allows us to comfortably accommodate up to 30 guests, while during the winter it is possible to accommodate maximum 15/20 guests.

Fresh pasta in the farmhouse

Live with us an authentic journey, discovering how to prepare one of the symbols of Italian cuisine. Take the opportunity to learn the art of “pulling the dough” under the guidance of a true “Sfoglina”, a real artist in this culinary expression! You will learn to knead, cut, stuff and close tortellini, but also how to make tagliatelle, tagliolini or other varieties of pasta. Our “Sfoglina” will explain to you the essential techniques to prepare pasta in your kitchen like a real pro! CILIEGINA SULLA TORTA You will also have the opportunity to cook and taste one of the preparations, pairing it with a glass of Lambrusco!

Balsamic X-perience

Thanks to this experience created in partnership with Stefano Caffarri, former Director of special initiatives of the Cucchiaio d’Argento, it will be possible to discover the taste of the Emilian’s tradition and to live a unique experience. Fresh pasta, bakery activites, the best restaurants in the area: discover the Food and Motor Valley with us!

For more specific needs we can on request involve our partner chefs for dinners and/or cooking classes prepared live on our beautiful kitchen island.

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